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“Why is my car ….?” It’s time to see the car “doctor”!

You can ask the car “doctor” your “why is my car” questions!

You can ask the car “doctor” your “why is my car” questions!

This is the question we often hear at B & M Auto Specialists: “why is my car…?”  You fill in the blank. But, the concern for the customer is apparent.

For many of us, the car becomes an integral part of the family. In fact, if we’re honest, we even name our cars.

So, when your vehicle “acts sick”, you may find yourself asking “why is my car ….?” Hearing “funny” noises or catching a whiff of unusual smells can be cause for concern.

You want to know the “why”, but more importantly, you want to know the “how”- how your car can be “healthy” once again.

This is where we come in. Think of the mechanics here at B & M Auto Specialists as the “doctors” for your car.

When you ask us, “why is my car…?”, our ASE certified mechanic will take down your car’s “symptoms”. When necessary, he will run the diagnostic tests to determine the why behind your car’s “ailment(s)”.

Our team of car “doctors” is certified to treat many “conditions” affecting your car’s:

  • Breaks
  • A/C and heating
  • Engine and transmission
  • Drive train
  • Electrical and lighting
  • Check engine light/emissions
  • Fuel system
  • Steering and suspension

We know your car is important to you. We know you want your “baby” to be “healthy” and back on the road! So, put your mind at ease, knowing that your car will be in the best of care here at B& M Auto Specialists.

Call today to schedule your car’s “doctor” appointment!

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