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What does a football game in Mansfield have to do with your vehicle’s alignment?

Going to the game? "Off-road" parking in Mansfield might be a problem for your car's alignment!

Going to the game? “Off-road” parking in Mansfield might be a problem for your car’s alignment!

Fall and high school football go hand in hand in Texas! And in Mansfield, it seems even more so! If you want to know how important football is to Mansfield, just attend one of these exciting events in the impressive “new” stadium!

There’s nothing like rooting for the home team, especially for family, friends and fans of the Mansfield football teams!

But going to these football games can sometimes pose a parking challenge. This is often the case when going to away games. Too many times, football fans find themselves parking in some rather interesting places. Getting in and out of these “parking lots” might do a number on your car’s alignment.

Are you wondering if some of these “off road” parking lots might have done “damage” to your alignment? Here are a couple of questions to answer that will help you decide if you need to bring your car into our Mansfield garage for an alignment.

  1. When you’re driving on a straight road (not turning to either side), do you find that your steering wheel isn’t centered?
  2. Does your vehicle drift to either the left or right?
  3. Does your steering wheel vibrate, even on a smooth road?
  4. Do your tires wear unevenly … especially the outside?

The alignment of your car’s suspension is a typical “wear and tear” issue.  Life happens. A little fender/bender or even “jumping” a curb can negatively affect your vehicle’s suspension, throwing it out of alignment.

If you’ve answered yes to any of the 4 questions above, we recommend you bring your vehicle in for a quick check. We’ll be sure to take great care of you and your car!

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