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B&M Auto Specialists

Now available in Tarrant County – wrecker service!

We have wrecker service available in Tarrant County!

We have wrecker service available in Tarrant County!

You work and live here. You’re proud to be associated with the strong and always growing Tarrant County.

Likewise, your company is strong and growing. One of the key components to your success is your transportation.

Sadly, at some point in time, we all experience this sinking feeling. You put the key in the ignition, turn the key but then get nothing. With your busy schedule, being stranded is the last thing you need! You call a wrecker, hoping that they service your location in Tarrant County. Waiting and wondering can create feelings of doubt, leaving you with a sense of uneasiness.

In trying times, we’d like for you to automatically think of calling B&M Auto Specialists. Right where you are in Tarrant County, we have wrecker service available to help you.

Once the wrecker delivers your vehicle, we’ll begin to assess its condition. You’ll be glad to know that our mechanics are highly trained and ASE Certified. We are proud to offer over 28 services to meet the needs of all your vehicles. Whether it’s your family car or one of your commercial fleet vehicles, our goal is to help minimize your stress and down time.

Known as one of the premier auto repair shops in Tarrant County, B&M Auto Specialists is dedicated to providing you with quality service. We’ve worked hard to earn a strong reputation. Your trust is what our business thrives upon.

So, when life throws a monkey wrench into your plans, don’t worry. We don’t want you to stress over a thing. Just a quick call and we’ll have that wrecker headed your way.

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