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Mansfield, where do you turn to for brake repair?

Mansfield, is it time to repair your brakes?

Mansfield, is it time to repair your brakes?

What’s one of your worst nightmares? We can’t think of too many things more terrifying than brake failure! Nothing is quite as sickening as that feeling of attempting to brake, only to have no response. That’s the last thing we want you to ever experience!

Seeing to the ongoing “health” of your brakes is crucial to making sure that you are safe.

So, just what are some of the symptoms it’s time to repair your brakes?

  • The obvious: the ABS icon lights up on your dashboard.
  • Your car pulls from side to side.
  • “Soft” or “spongy” brakes.
  • Your steering wheel shakes when you brake.
  • Excess “drag” when you accelerate.
  • Your brakes are making all sorts of noises: squealing, grinding, clicking and/or pulsating.
  • Stopping distance increases.

If you’re like a majority of people, even if you have the know-how, you most likely don’t have the time to repair your brakes. The people in Mansfield and throughout the DFW area, know we can be trusted with all their brake repair needs.

We provide the following brake repair services:

  • Brake replacement
  • Shoe replacement
  • Drum repair/replacement
  • Rotor repair/replacement

Mansfield, we value your trust. It is a great honor to be voted as “Best Auto Repair” for 2015 in the Mansfield News-Mirror.

Your safety is paramount. Whether you live or work in Mansfield, we recommend you call us today and schedule an appointment for us to repair your brakes.

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