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Mansfield, when it comes to power steering, “hop” on in and let us help you out!

From all of our crew to yours, we hope you have a very happy Easter!

From all of our crew to yours, we hope you have a very happy Easter!

Spring is here and Mansfield is in full bloom! Easter is upon us and that’s had lots of folks busy – shopping, planning,  decorating – getting ready to celebrate this special holiday.

Of course, that’s meant a fair amount of driving around Mansfield to the craft store, the grocery store … and don’t forget all the rehearsals at church! With all the driving, it’s good to know that your vehicle is an optimum condition.

Just curious. When was the last time you checked your power steering? If you’re like most of us, your vehicle has power steering. You haven’t thought about checking that recently, have you? It’s usually not one of those things we tend to think about. Rather, we take it for granted that our power steering will work just fine.  But, if we can get you to think about it for a bit, we just might help save you from some future headaches down the road.

Did you know that if you’re having problems with your alignment or if your power steering pump isn’t working properly, these problems can actually cause your power steering to stop working?

Most of us here in Mansfield like to pride ourselves in being intelligent, hard-working and self-reliant. We encourage that. So, with that understanding, here are a few things you can do on your own.


✔the power steering fluid level.
If it’s not full, or you’re having difficulty making turns, it’s time to top it off. This repair is super simple. Just unscrew the cap of the power steering pump. Next, check the fluid level. If it’s not full, add power steering fluid to the pump.

✔the hoses and lines around the power steering pump.

You’re looking for leaks. Use a jack to lift the front part of your car. Turn your focus on the rack and pinion seals.  

✔for loose belts.
This check will require some assistance. While your friend cranks the car and turns the wheel, you listen for any unusual sound. If you do hear something new or different, this might indicate you have a loose belt which needs adjustment.

If you’ve gone through this checklist and not discovered the source of the problem, it’s probably time to call us. Set up an appointment to have one of our ASE certified mechanics give your vehicle a thorough check-up. With the proper diagnostic test, he will be able to determine the problem. As always, you can trust our mechanics to recommend only the repairs which are genuinely needed.

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