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Mansfield, let’s talk tire health!

Mansfield, this holiday traffic can be rough on the life of each tire!

Mansfield, this holiday traffic can be rough on the life of each tire!

Let’s face it. You do a lot of driving around town in Mansfield and throughout the DFW Metroplex. That produces a mixture of stop and go traffic along with high speed, highway driving.

We’re all really busy, especially now that we’re in the Christmas holiday season. Everybody in Mansfield is hustling and bustling, trying to get all their Christmas shopping done.

Poor tire health can put a wet blanket on your holiday plans! The last thing you want to have happen when you’re on the way to one of your kiddo’s Christmas concert is to be on the side of the road with a flat or blown tire!

Right now, let’s help prevent that from happening! First, you need to take a visual inspection of each tire. Do you see bubbles on the side of the tire? Scrapes? Bulges? Now, take a look at the tread. Is it worn down? These are indications that it may be time to get a new tire or a new set.

Okay, next set of questions. How does your car feel when you’re driving down the road? Do you feel any vibration? Are you hearing a lot of noises? Is it pulling to one side or the other? These questions all relate to tire health as well. If you’re answering yes to one or more of these, it may be time to look into getting a new set of tires.

Once you’ve got your new tires, that’s when you need to come visit us here at B&M Auto Specialists in Mansfield.

You’ve shelled out some big bucks for new tires. We don’t have to tell you that tires don’t come cheap. That’s why we want to help you get all the life out of your tires you possibly can!

It’s important for you to protect the health of each tire. We think one of the best ways you can do that is by having us do an alignment on your vehicle. Your tires won’t wear evenly if your car is out of alignment. In fact, a vehicle out of alignment can actually cost you half the life of your tires!

Need to get your car aligned? Give us a call and we’ll be glad to schedule an appointment right away!

Let’s see how we’ve done. Let’s go through our checklist. New tires? Check. Alignment? Check. Great! Now you can rest easy as you go about all of your holiday shopping and festivities in Mansfield!

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