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Car service in Mansfield just might be the perfect choice!

This Mother's Day, show her how much you care with a gift of car service!

This Mother’s Day, show her how much you care with a gift of car service!

Did you know? Mother’s Day is only 16 days away! Kind of a scary thought, isn’t it? It is for those of us who still have to finish shopping for that special lady in our lives.

You’ve been shopping all over Mansfield. You’re looking for that perfect gift. You’ve been thinking about the standard gifts. Flowers. Teddy bears. Perfumes. Soaps and lotions. Candy. Candles. Sure, you’re going to get her some of those traditional kinds of gifts. But this year, you kind of want to do something extra special for her. After all, isn’t she always doing something special for you and the family?

Have you considered giving her the gift of a car service? What do we mean by that? We’re suggesting that you bring her car in to B&M Auto Specialists (in Mansfield) and let us take good care of the “mom taxi”.

Just how important is her car? From the looks of it, extremely important! She uses her car to transport the children to and from school. And after school ? Music lessons. Baseball practice. Soccer games. Recitals. She’s always taking the kids to their sporting or musical events.

When she’s not playing taxi driver for the kiddos, she’s all over Mansfield, shopping for groceries or clothes for the family. And, we’ve not even begun to discuss all of her responsibilities at home.

Rarely does she sit down and have a moment for herself. Instead, she’s always on the go, taking care of her family.

Think about it. When does Mom have time to service her car? She really doesn’t. And that brings us to our point. What a pleasant surprise … what a unique gift … you bringing her car in for us to service!

Our garage is conveniently located here in Mansfield. When you bring her car in for us to service it, we will give it a multi-point inspection. We want to make sure that her car is safe and reliable.

Go ahead and schedule an appointment to get Mom’s car in to our shop so that we can service it in time for this Mother’s Day!

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