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Is the air conditioning in your car about to go out? Keep your cool! We can help.

Is it too hot for the air conditioning in your car?

Is it too hot for the air conditioning in your car?

It’s so stinkin’ hot outside! But then, it is August in Texas!

One of the luxuries we tend to take for granted is air conditioning. Whether it’s in our house or in our car, almost every Texan would agree … air conditioning is mandatory!

The last thing you’re going to want to have to deal with in this crazy heat is the air conditioning going out in your car!

We can service your car, specifically targeting its air conditioning. And if necessary, we can repair whatever is needed to be fixed.

Your car has several components to its air conditioning system. Our ASE Certified mechanic will check the: blower motor, cooling fans, compressor, condenser and relays – along with any other related air conditioning components. Of course, he’ll make sure that your refrigerant levels are where they need to be as well.

All of us here at B&M Auto Specialists want you to be cool and keep your cool. We plan on achieving these goals by providing regular preventative maintenance for the air conditioning system in your car. It is, by far, the least expensive option for you.

If your car does need repairs to its air conditioning system, we will conduct only the necessary diagnostics to discover exactly what your car needs to keep you cool.

Don’t sweat the lingering Texas heat. Instead, call us today to schedule an appointment for your car. We’ll examine the air conditioning system and let you know exactly what is needed to help your car keep you nice and cool!

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