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Excellent and reliable – our shuttle service for you!

Shuttle service - with a smile!

Shuttle service – with a smile!

Shuttle here, shuttle there. It’s a service you provide for your clients every day.

It doesn’t stop when you leave work, though. When you leave your business, you’re off to pick up the kiddos and shuttle them from one extracurricular activity to another. The “clients” are quite different, but the service is the same.

We understand. Any more, that just describes our American way of life. Whichever hat you may be wearing, it’s a good chance you’re providing shuttle service for someone.

But there’s good news. We know of at least one time you won’t have to crawl behind the wheel…because that’s when we are providing shuttle service for you!

Whether it’s your personal car, your company van or one of your fleet, they must all receive regular service. Our mission is to help you and your business stay up and running.

Just because your vehicle is in the shop shouldn’t be reason for you to be stranded. That’s why we provide our shuttle service for you. Others may consider this an extra service. Not so at B&M Auto Specialists. Because we strive to deliver excellence, it’s one of our many standard services we offer to you, our valued client!

When you use our shuttle, what can you expect from us? Safe vehicles, reliable drivers and excellent service.

We count it a privilege to help you stay on the road!

Need to schedule shuttle service? Contact us today.

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