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Alignment is key for smooth driving in Kennedale

Kennedale, you do the math. Pay a little now with an alignment or a lot more later to get new tires!

Kennedale, you do the math. Pay a little now with an alignment or a lot more later to get new tires!

You may find yourself asking the question, “What is a wheel alignment?”

It doesn’t matter whether you live in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Mansfield or Kennedale. The question, though it sounds simple, is actually very important to the overall care of your car.

First, in order to understand the value of a wheel alignment, let’s take a trip down memory lane. Remember your Kennedale junior high geometry class? Remember the terms perpendicular and parallel? We’re going to apply those terms to your wheel alignment. Your wheels must be perpendicular to the road and parallel to one another. When they are not, your vehicle is in need of an alignment.

Second, you need to know the benefits of having an alignment done on a regular basis to grasp the compounded value to both you and your vehicle.

➡Save money at the Kennedale gas pump
If the wheels are out of alignment, that creates an uneven pressure on the tires. That results in them pushing against each other, causing uneven friction and a great deal more resistance from the surface of the road. All of this makes your car work harder, expending more energy (gasoline).

➡ Protect our environment
We all like going green. When you get an alignment for your car, you’re helping to protect our environment, not just in Kennedale, but throughout the DFW area. By spending less at the gas pump, you’re reducing the use of fossil fuels.

➡Guard your wallet
More resistance from your tires to the road surface means faster wear and tear on those tires. Which moves us to the next question. Would you rather spend $400+ or less than $100? You do the math. It’s obvious. You chose the latter option, yes? Well, good. That’s pretty much the average cost difference between replacing your tires versus getting an alignment for your vehicle.

➡Keep your loved ones safe
Driving your family in Kennedale and all around the Metroplex, we know safety is an important factor. Scheduling a regular alignment for your vehicle removes an unnecessary hazard, especially on wet and/or icy roads.

One last question remains: when should you get an alignment for your car? Look for these signs:

▶Your car veers to the right or left when you’re actually steering straight.
▶The tires on your car are not evenly worn.
▶The calendar has advanced 6 months or you’ve driven another six thousand miles.

Now that you’ve made your decision to get your alignment done, go ahead and give us a call. We’ll be glad to schedule your appointment.

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