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5 things to look for in a quality engine installer

Burleson, we've got 5 good reasons why we think you should visit B&M Auto Specialists!

Burleson, we’ve got 5 good reasons why we think you should make B&M Auto Specialists your engine installer!

Burleson, Texas. Good town. Good people. You know the value of a dollar. You work hard for your money. That means you don’t want to waste even one penny.

When it comes to shopping for a good mechanic, especially an engine installer, you’re talking about a sizable investment in your vehicle. Whether you’re looking in Burleson or another nearby town, here are five guidelines to help you in your search for an engine installer you can trust.


A quality mechanic will have a certification, such as ASE (Automotive Service Excellence).  These certifications are not given out easily. Not just any shade tree mechanic can slap an ASE sticker on their business window. No. It’s not even remotely that simple. This is a prestigious certification that has to be earned.


Burleson, you’re familiar with AAA. Over the years, they have earned a name that stands for trust. In order for an engine installer/mechanic to earn their coveted affiliation, AAA must first examine their business policies and credentials and determine if the auto repair shop is worthy.


An engine installer you can trust to repair your vehicle is one who doesn’t have to “toot their own horn”, but rather humbly receives honors for work well done. Look for these awards to be proudly displayed on the mechanic’s website and in the shop waiting room.


As you’re gathering info to find  the engine installer who is just right  to work on your vehicle, online reviews and word of mouth recommendations are priceless! Folks in Burleson know this to be true: people who have had a positive experience with a mechanic are going to be eager to share that testimony. (And most do.)


A quintessential piece to identifying and choosing your engine installer is exceptional service. From the actual engine install, to providing excellent customer service, this element defines a mechanic you will want to work with for life.

We would like to invite you to come to B&M Auto Specialists and see how we measure up on this five point checklist.

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