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4 key signs it’s time for your vehicle’s wiper blade replacement

Rainstorms are coming again. Does your car need a wiper blade replacement?

Rainstorms are coming again. Does your car need a wiper blade replacement?

It’s March and we’re reminded of the old saying, “in like a lion out like a lamb”. But, this is Texas. That means we’re in Tornado Alley. Translation? We can expect lots of heavy thunderstorms in the spring.

This isn’t some nice and gentle rain one might experience in Northern Ireland. No, not at all! The thunderstorms here in Texas come with a vicious downpour. As you know, our rain doesn’t sprinkle, it  pummels! Getting caught in one of these downpours with worn-out wiper blades is nothing short of a nightmare!

Clearly, your number one motivation for wiper blade replacement is safety!

If you’re having doubts as to whether it’s time for wiper blade replacement for your vehicle, use these guidelines to determine when it’s time.

➡A visual inspection.
It reveals that the rubber on either wiper blade has either split, torn or simply looks worn down.

➡You can’t see when it’s raining.
This problem can manifest in the form of streaking or hazing. That means you don’t ever get a clear windshield.

➡A wiper blade, or both, begin to “chatter”.
Explanation: they are not moving/swiping smoothly. Instead, they are bobbing up and down (thereby, preventing an even connection with the windshield.)

➡The blade(s) pull away from the windshield.
You’re more likely to notice this at the higher speeds – the time you most need to be able to see. The result is you’re  essentially driving blind in a hard rain.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these, the decision is clear: it’s time your vehicle has a wiper blade replacement.

We recommend you give us a call to set up your appointment. This is one repair that is inexpensive, quick and delivers a large reward: safety through sight.

With more rain in the forecast, don’t delay. Come in today!

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